AMC: Clinical Exams – Part 1

AMC Clinical Part 1

Hello again,

Congratulations in passing your MCQ!

Ok I will write about the Clinical exams in this post.

The exam itself costs AUD 3530

More information of the fees will be listed in their website.

The only test centre available is in Melbourne Victoria.

Our MYR right now is very weak. You have to save quite a bit before attempting this exam. It can be done.  I can write about how to save in a different post.

It lasts for 3 hours and 20 minutes

This exam consists of 16 stations

  1. 14 scored stations
  2. 2 pilot (non-scored stations) – like the MCQ you will not know which ones are cored and which are not

You are given 2 minutes to read the instructions for the stations before entering the room. After you enter the room you have 8 minutes to complete the task asked of you

Rest stations are allocated in between stations. These rests are 10 minutes long too.

The disciplines they will test would be

  1. Medicine
  2. Surgery
  3. O&G
  4. Paeds
  5. Psych

The task asked of you will be mixed. I will elaborate further in my later posts.

You will need to pass at least 10/14 to get an overall pass.  The passing mark before this was 11/14. Don’t sigh in relief just yet. You will know why later.

Obviously 9 or less out of 14 is a fail

During my time, they did offer a retest if you scored a 10, but not anymore.

In my opinion, retests are easier to pass. I passed the retest.

They consisted of 8 stations (all scored) and you have to pass 6 of them to get a pass.

The official reason why AMC changed this was that candidates were taking a long time between their 1st attempt and the retest.

We can’t do anything about the retest for now. Let us focus on the exam itself.

AMC does not post the number of candidates who passed or failed on their website currently.

They did so previously.

The passing rate is indeed low  (15-25%). It is a challenging exam but it can be done. Remember be positive. Tackle one issue at a time. I am here to help you.

In Summary

  1. AMC Clinical exams cost AUD 3530
  2. Test centre is in Melbourne Victoria
  3. 20 stations in total with each station lasting 10 minutes.
    1. 14 scored stations,
    1. 2 non-scored stations
    1.  4 rest stations
  4. Passing mark is 10/14
  5. No retests
  6. Passing rate 15-25%

Now that you have an idea what AMC clinicals are, the next post is how you can prepare for the exam.


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