AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 2

AMC MCQ Exam: Part 2

Ok so how do we prepare for this?

You will need to have these resources to prepare for your exams.

  1. Murtagh General Practice
  2. AMC MCQ handbook
  3. Online question banks

Murtagh General Practice

Regardless if you want to do GP or not, this book is a must.

Remember, you are going to practice in Australia. John Murtagh’s book is an excellent resource of how things are done in Australia. Order this book via Amazon or go to Kamal and buy it. If you are the type that can read on tablet/computer, get the electronic version. There are even some sites that allow you to download free copies (I will not reveal it in this blog – you cari sendiri)

Price: AUD 145 (plus minus)

Disclaimer – I bought my book from Kamal.

I read this book at least twice before attempting to do the questions.

It helped that I was doing KK at the time so I was killing two birds with one stone.

It does not matter if you have been a super senior MO in whatever discipline you are now, in order to pass this test you need to be well rounded. You need to identify your own weak areas and work on it.

Medicine is vast. No one can learn about everything. But when it comes to exams you got to be smart. They are not assessing you as a consultant/specialist. What they want, is a safe doctor who can recognise dangerous situations and call for help. No hero/heroine here.

Now using my experience, I am surgically inclined. I am quite solid in general surgery, ENT and plastics because I have been a MO in those fields. I am weak in the rest of the disciplines. I identified O&G to be my weakest. Adult medicine and paediatrics are big, big topics to cover. This is how I prioritised my revision.

  1. O&G
  2. Population Health
  3. Mental health
  4. Paeds
  5. Medicine
  6. Surgery

Remember common things are common. Don’t be too focused on rare paediatric conditions. Know they exist, know how it’s inherited and move on.

My second round revision was faster. I took a calculated decision to skip certain topics that I felt I was confident in and doubled down on the ones I was weak in.

I even wrote my own mini notes to help me remember.

Once you’ve finished reading, do practice questions. Don’t go sit for exam straight away. Chances of passing would be low.

AMC MCQ Handbook

Definitely a must.

600 plus questions + answers + explanation

Price AUD 275

There are sample questions on the AMC website. It was free during my time in 2017, not sure about that now.

Again you can get it from AMC website, Kamal or get an electronic version online.

I used the hardcopy, because I like to write my own notes.

My opinion, finish the MCQ book first before purchasing online questions.

You can return to the questions again if it helps you with your confidence.

Each question has its explanation in the answer session. So you are learning as well.

Do not feel bad if you did not score well the first time. You will get better over time.

AMC MCQ Online Questions

I strongly recommend it

Several question banks are out there

I chose

They divided the questions according to topic. If you feel like doing some paeds just click on the filter and it will only give you paeds questions.

Like the handbook it will give you an explanation in the end.

It shows the percentage of questions you got right so you can focus on your weakness.

However I would need to advise you that not all the explanations are right. If you feel the explanation is funny, cross reference it with Murtagh.  Otherwise it is a reliable tool for self-assessment.

Depending on how far your exams are, you can plan your subscription. i.e one month, three months etc.

I picked the 6 months subscription – AUD 159


Best preparation tools

  1. John Murtagh General Practice – AUD 145
  2. AMC Handbook – AUD 275
  3. AMC question bank (optional but highly recommended)  – price depending on length of subscription


  1. Focus on your weaknesses and prioritise them first
  2. Become a well rounder in terms of clinical knowledge
  3. Have a positive mindset

In my next entry I will write about how to prepare for the days leading to the exam itself.


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9 thoughts on “AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 2

  1. Hi! Nice to meet you. Glad to come across your blog.
    I am also surgically based here, surgery,ent plastic! Ha! Wondering what field you ended up doing in Australia?


      1. Overall better working environment? Or would encounter similar politics and hierarchy? My worries is about if my english would be good enough and comminication skills as surely more medicolegal issue there. What’s ur opinion?


      2. Hi Suz

        There are politics and hierachy in any workplace. English can be tough if its not your mother’s tongue. You would also need to pass IELTS/Parson’s before working here. One suggestion I would give is to speak English as often as you can with other people who are fluent in it. The only way to be comfortable is to dive right into it. Anyway, here in Australia they speak a different level of English that other English speakers find confusing. I didn’t know what an “ambo” “stubby” “pot” “arvo” “sook” “rego” etc until I got here.


      3. Thanks for your input Sebastian.

        I have hesitated for 6 years! Going to embark on this journey. Your blog does have a very helpful content.


  2. Dear Dr Sebastion,
    Thank you for this insightful blog. Im a monash malaysia 2014 graduate and now an MO with KKM, did gen med mostly in a district hospital. Il be moving to aus after my marriage sometime at the end of the year. I’d like to ask many questions but to begin with
    – if i do not have to do the AMC exams, how do i dive it the job market- what roles etc
    – is there a possibility i will still have to do the AMCs since its been a while since i graduated?


      1. Thank you Sebastian.
        I have a few more enquiries and would be grateful if you could shed some light.
        I have checked on the AHPRA website and it seems that if i have an Aus degree with internship overseas, il be elligible for a provisional registration.
        What can of roles can i apply for after having provisional registration. Are these hard to come by?


      2. Hi M Kaur. You would be elligible for provisional reg. You can apply for a resident medical officer role in a regional hospital. There are always a shortage of doctors in regional and remote Australia.


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