AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 3

AMC MCQ Part 3

Alright, you bought your books, done your revision, tried the questions and you feel you are ready to sit for the MCQ.

The next step in your journey is to book your exam.

You will need to go to your AMC portfolio and select a date and time for your exam.

I would suggest booking it a few months in advance, this will give you ample time to request for leave and get better deals on flight and accommodation.

Now, Malaysia does not run AMC exams.

The nearest centre would be in Singapore.

Other centres in the SEA region are Bangkok.

I chose Singapore for these reasons:

  1. Same time zone
  2. We speak the same language
  3. Good public transport (need to be on time)
  4. Safe (cannot stress this enough)
  5. Food almost the same like ours (and clean also)
  6. Roaming services available for Malaysian numbers

You can go to Bangkok and other regions. It’s up to you to pick what is best for you. Going to Singapore to sit for my exams for me was so that I can take the mental load off worrying about non-exam factors and just focus on the MCQ.

Unless you know Singapore very well, I advise you to fly (or drive if you are from Johore) at least 2 days before the exam. Know your logistics well. Know where the train stops are, what the traffic is like, food etc.

Pick a hotel nearest to the test centre. Get a comfortable hotel (of course not a presidential suite in the 4 Seasons la), you need good rest before the exam and last minute revision if you need to.

Take your meals at least 2 hours before the exam. You probably will not have appetite to eat, but you need to. The exam is 3.5 hours and they do not allow food in the test centre. Eat something filling but will not make your sluggish. Dial back on the coffee if you really do need it. Coffee -> diuretic-> pee-> time take out of exam.

Morning of the exam, don’t do anymore revision. You done what you can, close the book and relax your mind. Picture yourself passing the test. This is a very important visual cue. Do whatever relaxes you. Deep breathing, stretching, walking, gaming or whatever.

Always arrive at the test centre 1 hour – 45 minutes before the exam. Report yourself to the counter and you can breathe a little easier.

Now the test has started. You will be in a booth. In that booth you will be in front of a computer. They will provide you with ear plugs if you need it. Answer all the questions the best you can. Don’t worry any negative marking.

3.5 hours later

Ok you’re done!

Congratulations on finishing the exam.

Now don’t think about the exam for now. There is time for that later.

Go ahead and enjoy yourself.

Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

You still have a long way to go. For now, have fun.

The results should be available within 2 weeks. (at least during my time)

If you passed good! Well done! Now you can think about the Clinical Exams!

If you did not pass, its alright. Take time to reflect where you went wrong. Review your exam results and see where your weak points are and work harder on them. The good thing about this exam is that they give you feedback on areas your performed poorly. I know you can pass it the next time round! Stay positive!

I will talk about the AMC Clinical Exam in my next entry.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them.

Till next time!


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6 thoughts on “AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 3

  1. hi there,your blog has been very informative. in your opinion amcquestion bank or lecturio is more helpful? i did mplus q bank before unfortunately didnt pass first round. your recommendation please…tq


  2. Hi there,Am currently working as Mo in Malaysia. Looking forward for opportunity of working in Australia. May I know how many slots of exams do they provide in a year ya & in which month is that ? Thankyou


  3. Hi, thanks for sharing so much about your AMC journey.

    1. Could you share more about the overall time frame? How much time did it take for you to get a job and move to Aus after passing Part 1? Did you go after Part 1 or Part 2?
    – specifically, how much time does it take to get Visa, for AHPRA registration etc?
    – overall around how much time did it take for u from start to end? until start work in Australia?

    2. How about life once arriving in Australia? Could you maybe write a post about when you landed in Australia? The difficulties as a Malaysian adapting to Aussie life?
    – I heard housing is a pain in Aus. Renting a place not like in Msia. Need to go view, send application la… like quite troublesome.
    – Any tips for a person wanting to rent Aus without any relatives / cable?

    Thank you so much


    1. Hi Cudz

      I got a job after Part 1. It took me a few months of job applications but Bundaberg got back to me. I sat for Part 2 after working in Australia for a couple of months. Visa took 3-4 months, AHPRA was about 2 months or so.

      Yes I have written a post titled Life in Australia the First Few Months. Please have a read about it


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