The First Steps

First you need to go to the AHPRA website (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

They have an excellent flow chart that you can use for a self-assessment to see if you are eligible to practice medicine in Australia.

AHPRA is like their MMC. You need a license to practice.

There are 3 sorts of registrations.

  1. Limited registration – only practice in the designated area with supervision. i.e Hospital A or Clinic B only
  2. Provisional registration – practice with supervision (interns from Australian medical universities would be given this or those who have completed AMC part 1 and 2 but yet to finish their compulsory postings)
  3. General registration – you can practice anywhere in Australia

You must either have a basic medical degree that is recognised by AHPRA or complete the AMC examinations. 

Thus far, only Monash Medical University is the only medical school in Malaysia that is recognised in Australia. If you are a Monash graduate, you need to show proof that you have indeed finished your housemanship in Malaysia. You can ask your admin in hospital to provide you a written letter stating that you’ve successfully finished your housemanship. You can apply for a provisional registration, look for a job and complete the compulsory postings (more on that later).

For the rest, you have to sit for the AMC exams.

The next thing you have to do if you do not have a Monash Medical degree, is to visit the Australian Medical Council (AMC) website.

Before you can apply for the exams, they would need to verify that your credentials are legit.

Your medical school needs to be recognised by the WHO (don’t worry almost all Malaysian medical schools are)

To verify your credentials, you have to apply for this account

  1. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC)

In a nutshell, these guys will make sure that you are really you. It is accepted as a verification tool in most developed countries. Even if you want to go to USA you would need this. You need to prepare your documents because they will ask for it. For more details refer to their website. I have listed their current fees below

To create and account and confirm your identity USD 125

Verification of your credentials USD 90

You’ve got your EPIC account? Good, now the next step is to apply for your AMC exams.

To do so you need to apply for an AMC portfolio in order to sit for the exams. This portfolio would keep track on your personal details, professional qualifications, exams you are taking or have taken. Don’t worry. No one but you can see this.  It is a fairly straightforward process and should not give you too much trouble.

Now in the next entry I will tell you more about the AMC exams.


  1. AHPRA – check if your medical degree is recognised or not
  2. AMC – read the overview of assessment pathways
  3. EPIC – apply to get your credentials verified
  4. AMC portfolio
  5. Start preparing for AMC exams

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A Malaysian's journey Down Under

10 thoughts on “The First Steps

  1. Hi doctor! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog on your experiences in Australia. I’m currently working on for the AMC exam. Would love to hear more of your story!


    1. Hi thank you Ummi for your encouraging words. If there is something new I can add I would share it! If you have any suggestions please let me know!


  2. Hi doctor, thank you for sharing your experience with us generously. It is really beneficial for me and I believe these provide a better idea to us.

    I would like to ask for your opinion in choosing between standard or competent authority pathway in order to get AMC. As Malaysia’s private university graduate who completed Housemanship training, will it take shorter and cost lesser if I apply for GMC instead of going through AMC exam?


    1. Why would you apply for GMC if you want to come to Australia? My advice is, to avoid any hassles, go through the standard amc pathway. Exams and all are expensive but needed if your medical degree is not recognised in Australia. Again you should consider your financial situation before making a huge decision.


    2. To echo this comment, I have been allocated to a post this Aug 2022 for my F1 in UK. My plan is to finish 2 years of Foundation Training in UK, take a F3 year and apply to Australia via Competent Authority Pathway. This way, I will not have to take AMC.

      However, the biggest issue here is how difficult will it be for me to obtain a visa in Aussie? Because once I’ve taken an F3 year to try for Australia, it’s obnoxiously tough to extend the visa in UK. So that’ll be a huge risk that I’ll be taking.

      Do you have any advice for those who intends to/already finished their foundation training/housemanship in UK, and jumped ship to Aus?

      Your reply is most appreciated, thanks in advance!


      1. Hi Tan

        You’re right this pathway bypasses the headache that is the AMC exams. I dont foresee any issues with the visa. I’ve worked with many UK trained doctors here and they had no problems with their work permit. If you get a recruitment agent they will guide you through the process smoothly.

        All the best



  3. Hi Doctor ! Im an IMU medical grad , waiting to embark on HO soon . I would like to know if i plan to sit for AMC 1&2 at the end of 2 years and decide to quit from any further MO training, when i apply for jobs in aussie, can i apply for RMO (JHO/SHO) posts or will still be required to complete 12 months of supervised rotation (internship) ? Thank youu !


    1. Hello Vee. After you’ve obtained the AMC certificate you can apply for provisional registration. You’d need to undergo 12 months of supervised training as a RMO before you can get your general registration. You’d be doing the same job as an intern, but with RMO pay.


  4. Hello Dr ! If I choose to resign right after HO (exempt from compulsory service), what are the implications will I face ? I’m aware I will not receive APC to practice in Malaysia. For AMC registration, is full MMC registration enough? What about LOGS (Letter of Good Standing)? Kindly advice, Thank you Dr


    1. If you choose to resign after HO, make sure you have your full MMC and APC. AMC is not a registration. Its an exam. The registration falls under the AHPRA jurisdiction and they will want to know your previous medical registrations. LOGS can be obtained from MMC itself. My advice is, get your full registration with MMC, get your APC because its better to have a way back to Malaysia rather than none at all.


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