Finding A Job

Ok so now you’ve sit for your AMC exams and want to find job in Australia

Passing AMC does not mean you get a job automatically

You will still need to go hunting for one

*Unlike when I got a job from KKM, the interview was just a formality – JPA gave permanent posts back in 2010*

Where do you apply?

Now it depends on whether you just passed your MCQ or both the MCQ and CE.

You can still apply for work with just passing MCQ. But do try to pass your CE ASAP it will make a difference.

I will be writing this based on my experience

I passed the MCQ in late 2017. I failed my first attempt CE in April 2018 but was offered a retest.

I was advised by a senior of mine to try to apply for a job first, learn how the system worked and sit for my exam at a later time.

I passed my retest in 2019 and got my certificate, and applied for general registration.

Continuing on.

A few websites were recommended to me, the one I liked was

You can also go to each state and see if any vacancies are advertised there

The job titles are different in each state

In Queensland:

Intern – obviously you cannot apply for this

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) – Junior house officer (JHO) or senior house officer (SHO)

Principal House Officer (PHO) – like a registrar but not in training programme.

Registrar – for those in training programmes

Clinical specialist/Consultants/Senior medical officer  – this one not really important in our discussion

For your purpose – if you are going through the Standard Pathway – look for the RMO openings

Preparing your CV

Your CV is important

Don’t anyhow write stuff

There is a format for this

You need to follow this format otherwise they will not entertain you

Get more information

My experience is unique to me. Yours will be too. Although there will be a lot of similarities, we will encounter things differently.

So ask around if you personally know any colleagues who have migrated from Malaysia after completing housemanship. Dig their brains. They will be happy to help you out.

Know the working hours, environment, type of people you will be treating

Learn where they are short of staff and need people to fill in vacancies

I myself had amazing advice from my friends who migrated here earlier than I have.

This advice is extremely valuable

Most importantly, once you’ve made it, don’t be selfish with knowledge. Help them as you have received help yourself.

Where to apply to

Australia still has shortages in rural and regional areas

Read up on the Monash Modified Model (MMM)

it’s a way they identify areas which are urban, regional or rural

i.e. Brisbane would be MMM 1 – urban. Hervey Bay MMM2 – regional, Biggenden MMM 5 – rural

Kesimpulanya – the higher the MMM score the more ulu

Where you pick would depend on your preferences of lifestyle.

I would advise to try the regional and rural areas. Better quality of life. Easier when you apply for PR too. 


Ok you scored an interview – Hurrah!

Prepare for it now

There are tonnes of websites that help you prepare for the interview

I recommend this one above

Seeing that you’re overseas, they will do a phone/skype interview.

Again, I would suggest you take leave for the interview

You need to be in a calmed and collected place

Make sure your laptop and microphone is working if its skype

Or if they call your mobile – charge it!

Be mindful of the time difference. Can be 1 hour can be 3 hours. Always confirm the time!

Practice speaking proper English. It will help during the interview. Speak calmly, take your time answering the questions. Show them your best self but don’t go overboard ok.

Aside from the usual job interview questions, like why do you wanna work here, what are your goals etc, they will ask you a clinical question to see how you’d respond to the situation

And they will ask you a situational judgment test. i.e. if you find your colleague drunk at work what would you do?

So prepare for all of this. Google is always there


They will notify you of the results in a few days and you can decide if you want to take the job. I would advise to apply to many places and see which one responds to you. I applied for almost a dozen before getting a reply

All the best and have a positive mindset!


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A Malaysian's journey Down Under

17 thoughts on “Finding A Job

  1. No. You do not need PR before working. However you need a temporary working visa. The names of the visa changes so read up on it on the australian home affairs website. For now they are called the temporary skill shortage (tss) 482 visa.


  2. Hi, first of all I just want to thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It has been immensely helpful for those who desire to practice in the land down under.
    Just out of curiosity, what’s the difference in applying for a job after passing the MCQ vs after passing both MCQ & CE component? Can one secure a job as long as we pass the MCQ component of the AMC?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hello there. Once you passed the mcq you can start applying for jobs. But youd be under a limited registration. This means you can only work in one hospital with supervision until you get general registration. Best pass and finish the CE before working. It takes a load off your shoulders, speaking from experience.


  3. Hello Dr! It has been fun reading your blog as I found it really informative. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    However, may I ask, how is the journey for a medical specialist who wishes to migrate and work in australia. Do we have to sit for all the AMC exams as well?


  4. Hi thank you so much for your blog. It has been immensely helpful. I have passed my McQ and currently trying to look for a job. However, I was wondering if I should take my part 2 prior to moving to Australia? What would you suggest?

    Secondly, how long did it take you to prepare for you amc clinical? How did you understand the essence of the exam without doing any course? I would like to take the exam without a course as it’s really expensive. Thank you


  5. Hi! Thanks for all the info provided!

    I regretfully did not complete my housemanship in Malaysia. Can I still sit for the AMC (part 1 + part 2) and still be qualified to apply for a job in Australia if I pass them?

    Many thanks in advance


      1. Hi dr. I have a question. During your time, did u took the AMC exams while you were still working with KKM?
        Did you quit KKM after securing a job in Aussie first? Can brief me on this. Thanks a lot 🙏🏼


  6. Hi! Thank you very much for all the information shared here.
    I have a question:
    I regretfully did not complete my housemanship. Would I still be able to register and sit for the AMC exams (part 1 + 2)? And if I do pass them, would I be qualified to apply for a position in Australia?
    Thanks in advance!


  7. Hi..thanx alot for your information and it really help alots.

    I already worked for 10 years as anaest mo,if i passed AMC mcq and clinical,am i still need to do rotation in other department? Or could i just work as anaest ?
    another question is the salary for the 3 years vs 10 years experienced for IMG would be the same or different/
    Thank your in advance..really appreaciate your answer.


    1. After passing your amc exams you need to do your rotations before deciding on doing anaes. Your pay would be based on the pgy2 level. Different in each state.


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