General Registration

Hi there,

I’m back to writing after being on-call for one week.

Now I have written previously about the different types of medical registration in Australia

To practice medicine you need to be registered.

In terms of the limited registration, I am only going to talk about registration for area of need i.e. areas lacking doctors

Type of RegistrationWho is it forWhere can you work
LimitedIMGs who do not qualify for general/specialist registrationGiven to IMGs  who passed AMC part 1 + completed internship/housemanship + secured a job in Australia  

Can only work at the designated area of need  
Provisionalmedical graduates who got their degree from NZ, Aus, UK or any other med school recognised by AHPRAIf you graduated from UK or hold a Monash Medical degree you can apply for this + secured a job  

Would have a designated place for supervised training  
GeneralIMGs who passed AMC part 1+2 and completed 47 weeks of supervised training*Can work anywhere in Australia depending on your visa status

Now what is supervised training?

It is their version of housemanship.

You need to be offered a job first. So look at my previous job on how to find a job here

How long is it for?

It is for 47 week duration after taking away your 5 week leave.

You get hired on a contract basis for 52 weeks

You are allowed 5 weeks of recreational leave in those 52 weeks

Depending on how fast you want to complete your supervised training, you can choose to forgo your leave to the very end.

What are the compulsory rotations?

You need to have

Medicine8 weeks
Surgery/Orthopaedics8 weeks
Emergency Department10 weeks

The rest can be made up of what you fancy.

If you are going the GP route, you’d want to have exposure in Paeds, Obs/Gyn and even more ED postings are excellent

It really depends on what you want to specialise in really

Once you have the AMC certificate + completed the compulsory rotations, get your admin staff to provide the necessary paperwork and it will be sent off to AHPRA

Take into consideration that it will take a few months to process it so do it as soon as you can to avoid any delays to your life plans.

Once you’ve gotten a general registration you can work anywhere in Australia.

In my next blog I will write about how life is like as a RMO in Australia.

Have a good week ahead!

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