Living in Australia: The First Few Months

Hello again, I hope you are having a good weekend I have talked about exams, finding a job and a short introduction of working as a doctor in Australia This time around I would like to write about the first few months living in Australia When I first came to Australia, I spent most ofContinue reading “Living in Australia: The First Few Months”

General Registration

Hi there, I’m back to writing after being on-call for one week. Now I have written previously about the different types of medical registration in Australia To practice medicine you need to be registered. In terms of the limited registration, I am only going to talk about registration for area of need i.e. areas lackingContinue reading “General Registration”

AMC: Clinical Exam – Part 2

AMC Clinical Part 2 Let’s get started. It’s best to sit for the clinical exams immediately after your MCQ. Your knowledge would still be fresh. The best way to prepare for this exam is to have your resources In my experience I used AMC Clinical Handbook Karen’s notes Past year questions Talley O’Connor book (mineContinue reading “AMC: Clinical Exam – Part 2”

AMC: Clinical Exams – Part 1

AMC Clinical Part 1 Hello again, Congratulations in passing your MCQ! Ok I will write about the Clinical exams in this post. The exam itself costs AUD 3530 More information of the fees will be listed in their website. The only test centre available is in Melbourne Victoria. Our MYR right now is very weak.Continue reading “AMC: Clinical Exams – Part 1”

AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 2

AMC MCQ Exam: Part 2 Ok so how do we prepare for this? You will need to have these resources to prepare for your exams. Murtagh General Practice AMC MCQ handbook Online question banks Murtagh General Practice Regardless if you want to do GP or not, this book is a must. Remember, you are goingContinue reading “AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 2”