AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 1

Ok, let’s talk about the MCQ. MCQ takes 3.5 hours. It costs AUD 2720 You will sit in front a computer and click on the answers. There is no basic science component (i.e. none of that Kreb Cycle, mitochondria stuff) The questions are clinical. There might be a few applied basic science question. E.g. ifContinue reading “AMC: MCQ Exam – Part 1”

The First Steps

First you need to go to the AHPRA website (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). They have an excellent flow chart that you can use for a self-assessment to see if you are eligible to practice medicine in Australia. AHPRA is like their MMC. You need a license to practice. There are 3 sorts ofContinue reading “The First Steps”